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    Newsletter From the Principal's Office (December 2016)

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    Newsletter From the Principal's Office (February 2017)

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    Newsletter From the Principal's Office (April 2017)

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    Newsletter From the Principal's Office (January 2017)

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    Newsletter From the Principal's Office (March 2017)

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From The Principal

aubrey grovesSelamat Datang – Welcome to Woodlands International School. WinS was built in 2013 to be able to offer the only authentic international education in Sibu in an ever-increasing global world in the 21st century.

Woodlands International School is a unique educational establishment providing students aged from two and a half to 18 years old (up to IGCSE Level). The students get to experience an international curriculum (IPC and Cambridge programmes) through the medium of English, in a safe, warm, friendly and nurturing environment.

Our enthusiastic teachers continue to develop their skills through on-going professional development both locally, nationally and beyond to ensure they offer high quality teaching and learning. Over 20% of our teachers are expatriates, ensuring we get a blend of best practices from both Malaysia and countries world-wide.

Regular field trips and excursions are another feature of the school’s programmes of study, ensuring ideas and concepts are realized in a practical way as a form of value-added education.

Our extensive campus provides our students with opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom environment with covered basketball courts, activity-park and swimming pool. We also offer an extensive co-curricular programme to further develop their interests to enable them to pursue their personal interests and aspirations.

WIS understands the importance of developing the whole child. It prides itself on its core values and its responsibility to offer moral guidance and positive citizenship to the community of life-long learners.

We are an inclusive school and we endeavor to offer a genuine personalized education to all. Our committed and caring staff are always available to help and assist. By working in partnership with parents each child flourishes and excels. Together we shine!

Aubrey M Groves


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