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From The Principal’s Office – March 2019
Dear WInS Community

Watoto Revisited

On Friday 1st March, WInS welcomed back our friends from the Watoto Choir from Kampala, Uganda.

Our Primary Prefects joined the Watoto Choir for a welcoming breakfast before bringing their new found friends for a taste of WInS Primary classes. The children had an opportunity to work and play together before the Whole School Assembly performance. It is hoped that this will help all the children have a more global perspective. It is also hoped that our students will appreciate how fortunate they are to have parents that care for and love them.

The energy and enthusiasm was palpable throughout the show. We were joined by a few parents and grandparents who came in to join us. We even managed to raise money for the orphanage after the performance through the sale of souvenirs.

Our Watoto friends spent time in WInS classes – Ms Ladonna leads the activities in Year 6
The Watoto Choir – full of energy and enthusiasm
Woodlands students were invited on stage for a dance-off
Our Primary Prefects enjoy lunch together with their new friends

I have already requested yet another return visit in 2020.

If you would like more information about the Choir, purchase additional souvenirs or sponsor a Watoto orphan, please check out their website – www.watoto.com

Pi Day

After the success of last year’s inaugural Pi Day celebrations – a celebration of all things related to mathematics – Woodlands opted to party once again. Even our Early Years teachers wanted to get involved in generating excitement!

Our Early Years students were actively involved with a number hunt, addition and subtraction games and a wide variety of shape puzzles.

The students loved all the activities and it certainly stimulated their love of Maths. Many thanks to all in the Early Years team who provided a wide range of fun activities for the morning.

Our Primary students enjoyed three mathematical-based activities during the morning session, including bracelet making using Pi to multiple place values, drawing nets over circles and puzzles involving place values.

Mr Peter and Mme Agnes assist with Pi nets
Aaron and Dester make their Pi bracelets
Sean shows off his colourful Pi net
Collaborative puzzles using Pi

Many thanks to Ms Ivy for developing these fabulous activities and to all the Primary teachers who worked so well as a team to support the students throughout the activities.

Woodlands’ Mathematical Successes

Woodlands prides itself on being the only accredited international school in Sibu where the medium of instruction is in English. Nonetheless, we enjoy successes across all of our curricular areas.

Our students are blessed to have caring and dedicated teachers – not least our Senior Mathematics teacher Ms Ho.

Ms Ho has been at Woodlands since 2015

Ms Ho is responsible for teaching our Additional Mathematics classes in Years 10 and 11, and the results speak for themselves.

Comparison Woodlands Students' IGCSE Add Maths Results with Candidates' IGCSE Add Maths Results
GradingWoodlands’ StudentsInternational Average
% Achieving A*35.29%24.10%
% achieving A or above47.10%51.20%
% achieving B or above88.23%73.50%
% achieving C or above100%87.50%

Ms Ho majored in Mathematics before moving on to complete her Masters of Science from the University Putra, Malaysia. She has taught in three government schools before joining us in Woodlands in 2015 and is our senior Additional Maths teacher and teaches Pure Maths at A’ Level.

Well done and many thanks to Ms Ho who provides Woodlands students with scaffolding and additional classes where necessary.

A BM Drama

On 26 February, all the Year 9 students from the Advanced Group BM class re-enacted the classic Malay story titled ‘Si Tanggang - The Ungrateful Son’. The moral of the story is “Obey your parents”.

The purpose of this role-play exercise was to give the students an opportunity to understand the characters in the story. By doing this, they also had the opportunity to enhance their Malay speaking skills. Through this activity students also learned about facial expressions and body language during role-play. This is a typical example of active learning.

Sharlene (left) as Narrator, Nicole (middle) as Tanggang’s mother, Daniel (right) as Tanggan
From left to right: Esther as Tanggang’s wife, Eden Wong as Tanggang, Isabelle Hii as Tanggang’s mother and Claudia as Narrator

All the Year 9I’s were thrilled after enacting the role-play successfully. Many thanks to Ms Evlyn for putting this performance together for the students.

Woodlands’ Scientists

We are much indebted to Ms Tipah for providing ten Woodlands’ students with an opportunity to participate at the Asasi Science exploration camp at the Centre for Pre - University Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Kota Samarahan. Sarawak between the 2nd and 3rd March.

These ten Woodlands’ students learned a lot over the 2 day course

The students had an opportunity to collaborate around a variety of Science-based activities including mathematical challenges, plant cell investigations, studies into the behaviour of insects, human organ systems (including a practical session on administering CPR), “Scratch” programming and using geometry to construct bridges.

Reminder of IELTS at Woodlands

As part of our outreach programme, Woodlands invites participants from the members of the wider Sibu community to join our IELTS course.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is used throughout the World and is often required for entrance to many English language universities and for immigration purposes globally – including UK, Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. The course has a duration of 40 hours of classes.

We will begin our first IELTS course on the 1st April. Should you be interested in joining us please call 084-239761 or check out the details on our website www.woodlands.edu.my

Parental Workshops

I am most grateful to Ms Pei Wen for leading the session “The Art of Loving and Disciplining” for our Early Years and Lower Primary parents on Friday 8th March.

More than 30 parents joined up for the session

The workshop stressed the importance of routines for children, the need for family dialogue and providing opportunities for young children to develop their independence and decision making.

Many thanks to Ms Pei Wen

On Wednesday 6th March more than 20 parents joined the first of 12 Parenting Workshops entitled “Happy Parents / Happy Children” led by the Sibu Wellness Centre; organised by our School Counsellor and our Student Liaison Officer Mr Bryan and Ms Loh respectively.

Many thanks to the Sibu Wellness Centre and all the Woodlands’ parents who attended

A Level Taster Day

Many thanks to Mr Albert and our expert A Level teachers for leading an excellent and thought-provoking A Level Taster Day for prospective candidates on Friday 15th March.

The teachers put on a dynamic gamified learning programme based on the Running Man Challenge whereby students had to work out clues to solve puzzles on a wide variety of subjects.

Cambridge A Levels are rightly known as the “Gold Standard” of academic achievement and provide a solid base for going directly on to degrees at universities around the world, including UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Woodlands offers generous scholarship packages to top students and we will be admitting Year 12 students throughout this month.

Sports’ Day 2019

Following the success of last year’s Whole School Sports’ Day, Sports’ Day 2019 will be held on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th April at the Tun Zaidi stadium.

Field events and practice will be held on Friday 11th for the Primary and Secondary students, and we kindly request that these students are dropped off at the Stadium no later than 7.00am. Please ensure your child is collected from the stadium by 11am.

Also, please ensure your child has plenty of water and food to last them throughout the morning, and sun hats are also recommended.

On Saturday 12th we request that all Woodlands’ students arrive no later than 7am. We will endeavour to finish around 12pm.

Parents are all invited to attend, most especially our parents of Early Years students where there will be several parent / student participatory events. Our canteen will be open for the purchase of food and refreshments throughout the morning.

Please ensure your child is wearing their House t-shirts for that day.

We look forward to seeing you all to support and celebrate our sporting success.

Core Values

Our Core Value for March was Creativity. We have been encouraging each student to:

  • Think for themselves
  • Use their imagination to find solutions to problems
  • Not copy other peoples’ ideas

Each Primary and Secondary classes identified their own role model. We will announce the winners in the next Newsletter.

Our Core Value for April will be Tolerance. We will be encouraging each student to:

  • Show respect to other people
  • Be open to other people’s ideas, beliefs and opinions
  • Accept that their ideas, beliefs and opinions are not always shared by others
Our Primary students receive their awards for Diligence – our Core Value for February
A selection of some of our Diligent Secondary students

Important Dates for Your Diary

Monday 21st – 29th March – Term One vacation

Monday 1st April, 1st day of Term Two, 1st Intake for our Woodlands’ IELTS course, Start of our Year 12 AS and A Level Courses

Friday 11th April – 7am – 11am - Sports’ Day field events and rehearsal (Primary and Secondary only)

Saturday 12th April – 7am – 12pm - Whole School Sports’ Day. All are welcome!

Friday 19th April – School closed for Good Friday

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