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From The Principal’s Office – June 2019
Dear WInS Community

Thank You Woodlands Teachers

Many thanks to our Student Council members who performed a beautiful song for all our Woodlands’ teachers, as well as presenting every teacher and teacher’s assistant and with a beautiful paper flower at our Whole School Assembly on Friday 14th June. The teachers appreciated it very much.

Fire Drill Practice

Many thanks to the Sibu Fire Brigade members who came in to school on Wednesday 12th June to observe and feedback on our fire evacuation plans.

Following our successful evacuation, the fire fighters provided a demonstration on how to successfully use a fire extinguisher which all our students very much appreciated.

The feedback given was comprehensive and I will be inviting them in again to give students and staff further tips to ensure we are fully prepared in case of an emergency on campus.

Kangaroo Maths

Congratulations to all the Woodlands students who participated in the Kangaroo Maths competition in both our Primary and Secondary divisions. 13 students from Primary and eight students from Secondary sat for this national competition.

The top 1.3% of students were awarded gold medals, the next 3.3% received silver and the following 5.4% were awarded bronze. The next 40% were noted with honourable mentions.

In Primary, Avi Bajaj (Y6) was awarded Silver, with Ting Jia Ni (Y5) awarded a Bronze medal. Vinayak Pareek (Y6), Daksh Nagori (Y3I), Harrison Tan Xue You (Y3W) and Umisha Pareek (Y1) were awarded Honourable mentions.

In Secondary, Toh Bok Zien was awarded Silver and Honourable Mentions went to Emily Kong, Leanne Lau, Sharlene Lau, Janie Ling and Eden Wong.

The level of Mathematics at Woodlands across the school is fantastic and reflects well on all of our wonderful Maths teachers.

Vanda Science

Congratulations to all the Secondary students who participated in the Vanda Science completion.

Following regional heats, five of our Woodlands students were awarded medals and have been invited to KL to participate in the national finals on July 27th.

Gold – Brooklyn Japheth Law King Ren, Ting Yie Xuan

Bronze- Sharlene Lau Ya Wen, Leanne Lau En Xi, Delaney Toh

We wish them all the very best!

Parenting Workshops

Mr Charles introduces

On Monday 24th June we were delighted to hand out certificates to all those parents who completed the first set of parenting workshops run by the Methodist Family Wellness & Counselling Centre. There was also an interesting and informative talk given by the Chair Dr Winnie Chan on “Developing Values and Good Character in our Children” with more than 35 parents attending.

Dr Winnie Chan handed out certificates of our first parenting course

If you were not able to attend the workshop with Dr Chan, the Early Years department will be hosting a session on “Developing Character” including focus, attention and obedience. This practical workshop will be led by Ms Pei Wen following on from her last wonderful workshop. It will be held at 11am on Friday 19th July, specifically aimed at young children. Ms Shirly can offer more details.

Following the success of our first course, we are delighted to offer a second series of workshops entitled “One Minute Parenting” ideal for busy parents. This series of workshops will begin on Wednesday 3rd July held in Mr Albert’s Office on LG (between COO’s Office and Mr Peter Bong’s Office). Should you be interested in attending, please contact Ms Loh (0198188258) or Mr Bryan (084-239761)

Character First Multi- Media Competition

Many thanks to Ms Loh for organising a multimedia competition in our Secondary division to further promote Woodlands’ Core Values.

On Friday 21st June, the Primary division came to join us so they could also appreciate the presentations given by our Lower Secondary classes which took the form of drama, videos, PowerPoint presentations and speeches.

The standards set were exceptionally high, providing an opportunity for creative and collaborative work, and showed that the students are making connections across the Woodlands values.

I was honoured to be among the six adult judges and six student judges selected.

The results were as follows:

3rd Place – Year 10 I for their presentation on Respectfulness

2nd Place – Year 7 for their presentation on Tolerance

1st Place – Year 10 W for their presentation on Diligence

Students Departing before Holidays or returning Late

Please be reminded that should your child be taking time off from school you should please put this in writing as a courtesy to the school.

Our holidays are generous, and there should be no excuse for taking time off during the school term. It not only disrupts your child’s learning, but can have a negative impact on the remainder of the class, especially those working on group projects.

Visitors to Campus

Please be reminded that all visitors MUST sign in at our Security desk before proceeding beyond the foyer as part of our updated security measures. Please show your IC card and you will be given a Visitors Pass that enables you to go into the school premises.

Core Values

For the month of May our Core Value was Gratefulness. We encouraged your child to:

  • Show parents and teachers that they are appreciated
  • Write “Thank You” notes and cards
  • Be happy and content with what we each have

Our winners were:

Year 1 – Bernard Ha; Year 2 – Chua Qing Er; Year 3W – Olive Tiong; Year 3I – Gwen Tan Chu Wen; Year 4 – Amber Wong Yun Qi

Year 5 – Josephine Law Hui Wen; Year 6 – Vinayak Pareek; Year 7 – Eydie Wong Ee Ting Year; 8 – Geolyn Ting Qian Huey

Year 9W – Luiz Huong Yew Hui; Year 9I – Nicole Nee Xin Yen; Year 10W – Jasmin Tan Yi Lin

Year 10I – Sia Yi Zhen; Year 11W – Zhang Zhe Qi; Year 11I – Chanell Kiing Xin Yii

Our grateful Primary winners
Our grateful Secondary students

For the month of June our Core Value was Contentment. We encouraged your child to:

  • Be happy with what they have
  • Accept themselves for who they are
  • Avoid being jealous of others

The winners will be announced in our next Newsletter.

Our Core Value for July is Honour. We will be encouraging your child to:

  • Respect parents and teachers
  • Treat everyone with dignity
  • Remember that we are all equal

Please be reminded that we are all role models to the children. Be conscious of the language you use at home so as not to prejudice your child to other races, creeds, colours and religions. Woodlands is an international school, internationally minded and celebrates diversity.

Important Dates for Your Diary

Friday 19th July – 11am – Early Years Workshop on “Developing Character” by Ms Pei Wen

Monday 22nd July – Sarawak Day – Public holiday

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