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From The Principal’s Office – January 2019
Dear WInS Community

Welcome Back

I hope you have all enjoyed a great festive season.

It has been wonderful to see the students back at Woodlands looking refreshed and raring to go for another action-packed and fun-filled academic year.

This year we have recruited and accepted 35 students across Early Years and Secondary. Welcome to our Woodlands community. Many thanks to all the new families who were able to join us for the New Student Orientation session on Friday 4th January.

Welcome to all 35 of our new students!
Head of Primary Mr Peter introduces the new students to the Primary team
New Early Years’ parents came for a PowerPoint presentation by Head of Early Years Ms Shirly

Cambridge Checkpoint Exams

Well done to all our Year 7 and Year 10 students that sat for the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations in 2018. Overall, our results were very impressive.

In Primary our English First Language students averaged “Good” and our Science and Mathematics averaged “Very Good”.

Special achievers scoring top marks included: -

  • Eydie Wong Ee Ting – Science and Mathmatics
  • Tang Xiang Ying – Science and Mathematics
  • Toby Tie Hieng Ong – Science and Mathematics
  • Benjamin Tang Jia Yue – Mathematics

In our Secondary division our averages were as follows: -

English as a First Language – Good, English as a Second Language – Very Good, Science and Mathematics– Excellent.

Special achievers scoring top marks included: -

  • Jerry Yuong – English as a First Language, Science and Mathematics
  • Annie Wong Yun Xuan – Mathematics
  • Titus Ting Zhi De – Mathematics
  • Jonas Yii Xun Cheon – Science and Mathematics
  • Laurence Sii How Tee – Mathematics
  • Deepti Nagora – Mathematics
  • Chong Jing En – Mathematics
  • Jeff Wong Yong Wei – Mathematics
  • Kathleen Tang Yin Tong – Mathematics
  • Liam Hii Hung Kai – Mathematics

IGCSE Results 2018

Once again, Woodlands International School enjoyed excellent IGCSE grades. There was 100% pass rates in all subjects sat, with the exceptions being in First Language English (91% pass) and English as a 2nd Language (89% pass)

Highest achievers included: -

  • Annabelle Wong – Seven A stars
  • Gladys Tang – Seven A stars
  • Demi Wong – Five A stars
  • June Lee Jing – Five A stars

Congratulation to all of last year’s Year 11 students and many thanks to our wonderful Woodlands’ teachers.

An Amendment to our School Uniform Policy

Please be informed that we have amended our uniform policy to include name labels on the front of both school and sports shirts. This will help the school with student identification on the compound and returning lost property to students. This is common practice in most schools in Sibu and beyond.

Please note that the school will order the sew-on labels shortly for both the PE shirts and School Shirts (with the exception of WInS Angels students). These should be sewn on to the shirts one inch above the pocket on the left hand side.

Each student can order / buy a minimum of 3 pieces at a cost of RM6.00 or 5 pcs for RM10.00

However, for any subsequent lose order of 1 piece at one time, the price would be fixed at RM2.50 per piece as quoted by the supplier. You can enquire with the School Office should you require more.

Inter-School Volleyball Tournament

Congratulations to all our Woodlands’ volleyball players who took part in the recent tournament held at SMK Methodist School on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th January.

Woodlands started strongly winning their first two matches on Day 1 in Group A against Kolej Vokasional and Chung Hua. The team came unstuck in their third match against the hosts, SMK Methodist School, but still managed to progress into the final day’s matches.

After some absorbing semi-finals, Woodland’s ended the tournament with a highly commendable 3rd place finish.

Well done to all the team’s members: - Moh, Heng Wei, John Law, Wong Chang Sheng, Nelson Yii, Hanson Law, Tang Yan Quan, Jackson Sii, Justin Chua and Syvester Tiong.

Many thanks to Ms Lau, our Secondary PE teacher for training the team and Ms Loh for accompanying the team for the competition.

Inter Schools’ Badminton Competition

Well done to Luiz Hong, Dalton Lau Li Hong and Jerrica Ling who represented Woodlands for the Inter-School badminton competition in Sibu.

They all did really well in getting through to the second round. Unfortunately they faced some very stiff competition and were unlucky not to proceed further in the competition.

Many thanks to Mr Ting for accompanying the players. Better luck next tournament.

Inter Schools’ Squash competition

Well done to all our Woodlands students that participated at the recent squash tournament. They all did remarkably well.

Ryder Lau Li Ze (Y3) came in 3rd place in his age category whilst both Aaron Ting (Y3) and Caleb Lau (Year 10) secured places in the finals.

Aaron competed very strongly, despite facing an opponent aged 12 in the final. A worthy runner – up indeed. Caleb came in champion yet again!

Co – Curricular Activities in Primary and Secondary

Many thanks to Mr Peter and Mr Albert for quickly establishing this term’s CCAs. I’m delighted that we are able to offer such a wide range of activities for our students. Many thanks to our teachers for volunteering their services and sharing their skills outside of academic studies.

Monday (Primary)Tuesday (Secondary)Wednesday (Primary)Thursday (Secondary)
Baking / CookingBasketballChinese AssociationCooking
DanceBadmintonSong and DanceRobotics
Taekwondo*Table TennisBadmintonKangaroo Maths
Zumba FitnessFitnessViolin *English Club
Track and FieldBoard GamesBoard GamesKancil Science
BadmintonTaekwondo *Track and FieldYoung Innovator
Song and DanceDodge-ballBaking and CookingMusic
DanceArt and Craft
*External provider

Many thanks to our Photography Club members for taking the following photos to promote our Secondary CCAs.

Art and Design Club
DIY Club
Photography Club

A Gentle Reminder

It is always an anxious time for parents when their child starts a new school. However it is important that the children adapts quickly. Please be reminded that parents should not be in the school canteen during snack or lunchtime, as the children are more than capable of eating independently. Please note we also encourage our students to take care of their possessions and carry their own school bag. Please also note parents should not be in any corridors during school hours. Primary and Secondary parents are requested to wait in the lobby area until their child has come down at the end of the day.

Please also be reminded that all students should be at school on time to avoid disturbing lessons after they have begun.

Woodlands on Facebook

At Woodlands we always try to keep up with technology and with your requirements for improvement. As we are aware that so many of our parents use Facebook, we are pleased to advise you that our monthly newsletter, “From the Principal’s Desk” will in future be downloaded onto our School Facebook page. This will give you the opportunity to see all Woodlands school events in one place. It will also serve to remind you of upcoming events at school. I am sure you will be delighted to see your child engaged in active learning. If you would prefer for us not to publish your child’s image on Facebook, please advise Ms. Anne at the School Office.

Please remember to go to (and like) the Woodlands Facebook page!

Secondary Student Council 2019

Congratulations to the following Secondary students that will assist teachers across the academic year. They were identified as the students in the class that were deemed responsible, reliable and positive role – models to others.

Year 7Benjamin Tang Jia Yue, Eydie Wong Ee TingYear 8Tang Yan Quan, Rionna Ting Yie Xuan
Year 9WLuiz Huong Yew Hui, Chua Wen Ting (Claudia)Year 9ILeanne Lau En Xi, Trinity Ngu Ang Yiu
Year 10WGrace Tang Shi En (President), Eason Hii Kwang YuanYear 10ISimon Hii Wei Sung (Vice President), Sia Yi Zhen
Year 11WHii Jing Ling, Elaine Sia Yee ChengYear 11ILing Bei En, Channel Kiing Xin Yi
Our Student Council 2019

Supporting Animal Welfare

We are raising awareness and monies for the Sibu Animal Rescue Society. We are selling tickets (priced RM5 and RM10) which can be exchanged for gifts at the Bazaar that will be held at the Methodist Pilley Institute on 10th March between 8am – 1pm.

Tickets can be purchased from either Ms Anne or Mr Desmond.

Contacting Woodlands after School Hours

Please be reminded that should you need to contact Ms Anne after school hours, please call 016 889 3513.

The Return of the Watoto Choir

Woodlands’ hosted the world - famous Watoto Choir last year

Following last year’s amazing performance at WInS, Woodlands is proud to host the Watoto Choir on Friday 1st March.

The Choir is made up of orphans living in Kampala – Uganda, and they have performed around the World, including performances in the UK for the Queen and the White House in the United States of America.

They will be coming to join our students for the morning, culminating in a performance at our Whole School Assembly.

Woodlands parents and other families in Sibu are welcome to attend but are kindly requested to let the class / form teacher know in advance.

More information about the choir can be found on their website www.watoto.com

International Teacher Training

Following our success with the introduction of the Cambridge Professional teacher training course last year I am delighted that five of our certificate graduates have opted to continue with Modules Two and Three to gain their diploma. They will continue to work under the tutelage of Mr Stephen Tan, one of our members of the Board of Governors.

Mr Peter (Head of Primary) will begin a new cycle with five more Woodlands teachers who wish to upgrade their skills to meet international standards and will begin their training for certification.

Well done to our Woodland teachers and many thanks to Mr Stephen and Mr Peter for helping them with their studies.

Parental Workshops

I’m very grateful to Mr Bryan Hii, our school councellor for liaising with the Sibu Wellness Centre to locate suitable parental workshops that we hope to run on campus.

An initial survey will be sent out shortly to identify those parents that would like to attend. Each course will held over a 12 week period running every Wednesday 8.00am – 9.30am held in the School’s Common Room beginning on 6th March. This course is entitled “Happy Parents – Happy Children” These sessions are limited to 20 parents only, so we will be operating on a first come first served basis.

Please complete the form and return it to Ms Anne or Ms Loh to secure your place. I do hope many of you will be able to join us for these enlightening sessions.

Please note the only costs involved are for the materials required for the courses. We hope to run these courses throughout the school year.

I am very grateful to Ms Shirly and our Early Years’ team for organising a parent information session for all EY parents. It will be delivered by Ms Pei Wen and in both English and Chinese. It is scheduled for 11am on Friday 7th March. We hope to have all parents participating. A confirmation letter will be sent shortly.

School Calendar 2019

Please be informed that the School calendar for 2019 is available on our school website - www.woodlands.edu.my

We urge parents to only utilize vacation dates for their travel plans.

Core Values

Our first core value of the school year was Determination.

We have been encouraging your child to:

  • Keep trying their best
  • Avoid other distractions until they can complete their given task
  • Not be put off if they don’t succeed the first time

We will be announcing the winners after the Chinese New Year holidays.

Please note in February our core value will be Diligence.

We will be encouraging each student to: -

  • Finish all their projects / homework in a timely fashion
  • Concentrate on the task at hand
  • Give their best in all that they do
Please note that the following attributes have been selected as our Core Values of the Month for 2019.
January - DeterminationJune - Contentment
February - DiligenceJuly - Honour
March - CreativityAugust – Self - control
April - ToleranceSeptember - Endurance
May - HumilityOctober – Gratefulness

Important Dates for Your Diary

Monday 4th February – Friday 8th February – Chinese New Year holiday – School will be closed for the week

Tuesday 19th February – Chap Goh Mei – All students may attend school wearing traditional Chinese outfits. School will close at 12pm.

Friday 1st March – 11.20am Watoto Choir concert hosted at Woodlands

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