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From The Principal’s Office – February 2019
Dear WInS Community

Celebrating Chap Go Mei

On Tuesday 19th February our School Community celebrated Chap Go Mei – the 15th and final day of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

All students and teachers were invited to wear traditional Chinese – style clothes to mark this auspicious occasion.

Many of our Primary students embraced the opportunity and enjoyed sharing snacks with their friends in class.

Our Early Years students invited mums and dads into school to celebrate this auspicious time with dances, food and Chinese cultural activities, including food preparation and calligraphy. A fun time was had by all.

Many thanks to the Early Years staff for facilitating these fabulous activities, especially our Pre – K and R1 staff for their wonderful organization of events. Thank you also to our Early Years parents who took the time to join us.

For more photographs, please check (and like) our Woodlands International School Facebook page.

Working with the Community

On Monday 18th February DSP Hadrian, our School Community Liaison Officer came to deliver a brief talk to our Secondary students.

Officer Hadrian informed the students that this is part of a new country-wide initiative to raise awareness of police work in schools. Unfortunately crime amongst students have moved on passed truancy and bullying to more serious crimes including drug offences, sexual immorality and gangster- like behaviour. It is hoped the police can work successfully to combat crime through the use of School Community Liaison Officers.

Our Community Police Liaison Officer – Mr Hadrian

End of Term 1

As part of Woodlands commitment to personalised education and keeping parents informed, please note that this year both Primary and Secondary departments will be sending home End of Term 1 Pastoral reports. Primary students will be issued with hard copies, while Secondary parents will be sent soft copies through Edupage. Should you wish to see any of the Primary and / or Secondary teachers please book an appointment with the relevant Class / Form teachers.

Our Early Years students will also receive a pastoral report as well as access to a Parent / Teacher / Student Conference to support the IEYC and IPC programmes of study.

The Return of the Watoto Choir

Woodlands’ hosted the world - famous Watoto Choir last year

Following last year’s amazing performance at WInS, Woodlands is proud to host the Watoto Choir on Friday 1st March.

The Choir is made up of orphans living in Kampala – Uganda, and they have performed around the World, including performances in the UK for the Queen and the White House in the United States of America.

They will be coming to join our students for the morning classes, culminating in a performance at our Whole School Assembly.

Woodlands parents and other families in Sibu are welcome to attend but are kindly requested to let the class / form teacher know in advance.

The Watoto Choir will be raising funds for the orphanage in Kampala and be selling several souvenirs at the end of the performance.

More information about the choir can be found on their website www.watoto.com

Updated Woodlands website

Please be informed our Woodlands website - woodlands.edu.my - has been updated.

You will find a wide variety of information including our revised Student Parent Handbook, staff bios, School Calendar, newsletters, etc. Please take a look.

Female Hygiene and Personal Care

We are grateful to Dr John Tang from the Rejang Medical Centre (and his niece Tiffany Sii – a former WInS alumni) for coming in to talk to our female students (Year 5 and above) about personal hygiene and care as part of our Personal Social Health Education.

Dr John’s session was both informative and sensitive to the issues going beyond the biological explanations, offering practical tips as well as dispelling myths.

Many thanks to our Student Liaison Officer Ms Loh for organising this important and informative workshop.

Introducing IELTS at Woodlands

As part of our outreach programme, Woodlands invites participants to join our IELTS programme.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is used throughout the World and is often required for entrance to many English language universities and for immigration purposes globally – including UK, Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. The course has a duration of 40 hours of classes.

We will begin our first IELTS course on the 1st April. Should you be interested in joining us please call 084-239761 or check out the details on our website www.woodlands.edu.my

A’ Level Taster Day

Woodlands will be hosting a Taster Day on Friday 15th March at 1pm to help our second batch of Year 12 students. Mr Albert and our A level teachers will be offering potential Y12 students an opportunity to learn more about the Cambridge AS and A level programmes; recognized throughout the world as a precursor to degrees at global universities. This is an opportunity to experience the dynamic teaching involved as well as a Q and A session.

Parental Workshops

Sibu Wellness Centre will be running a 12 week course entitled “Happy Parents / Happy Children”. These will run weekly on Wednesdays from 8am – 9.30am in the Councellors’ Office on LG floor beginning on 6th March. Unfortunately the sessions are limited to 20 participants and it didn’t take us long to find ourselves over-subscribed for these sessions.

Parents who have missed out on this opportunity may still apply to the Sibu Wellness Centre. We are hoping this will be the first of many parenting workshop sessions at Woodlands over the course of the academic year. Please make sure you register early to avoid disappointment.

For Early Years’ parents, we will having a special one off parenting course - “Loving and Disciplining” delivered by Ms Pei Wen scheduled for 11am on Friday 8th March. We hope to have all our EY parents participating, and this offer has now been extended to our Primary 1, 2 and 3 parents also. This session will be held in our Early Years department. There are sign-up sheets outside our Early Years classrooms, and letters sent through our lower Primary class teachers. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

Late Arrivals

The management team remain concerned about the continued late arrival of students across the school – Early Years, Primary and Secondary.

I have addressed this matter before in previous Newsletters. This practice is inconsiderate on several levels:

  • It is not fair to the teacher to have the flow of the lesson disrupted by students arriving late
  • It is not fair to the students already in class to have the flow of the lesson disrupted
  • It is not fair to your own child who benefits from consistency of routines and is losing valuable learning time

Please be aware that if this situation persists, students arriving consistently late will be excluded from attending classes.

Core Values

Our first core value of the school year was Determination. We were encouraging your child to:

  • Keep trying their best
  • Avoid other distractions until they can complete their given task
  • Not be put off if they don’t succeed the first time

Congratulations to all those students that have exemplified this value in each class: -

Our Primary winners for Determination
Our winners from our Secondary division

  • Year 1 – Lucas Nee Sheng Han
  • Year 2 – Angelia Ling
  • Year 3W – Roxanne Siew
  • Year 3I – Phenix Ting Sie Enn
  • Year 4 – Nadine Soraya Binti Syaiful Hazan
  • Year 5 – Ting Jia Ni
  • Year 6 – Jefferson Woung Hao Han
  • Year 7 – Toby Tie
  • Year 8 – Tang Yan Quan
  • Year 9W – Luiz Huong Yew Hui
  • Year 9I – Trinity Ngu Ang Yiu
  • Year 10W – Caleb Lau Hui Xuan
  • Year 10I - Chong Jing En
  • Year 11W – Christy Liu
  • Year 11I – Gladys Sng Xing Thong

Our Core Value for February was Diligence. We have been encouraging each student to:-

  • Finish all their projects / homework in a timely fashion
  • Concentrate on the task at hand
  • Give their best in all that they do

Each Primary and Secondary classes identified their own role model. Our certificate winners are:-

  • Year 1 - Umisha Parek
  • Year 2 - Hii Jong Wei
  • Year 3W - Gabrielle Tang Ke Shin
  • Year 3I - Clement Tan Shi Kai
  • Year 4 - Belinda Ngu Si Hui
  • Year 5 – Charlene Kiew Kai Xin
  • Year 6 - Sophie Tang Jia Yu
  • Year 7 – Delaney Toh Zi Ruo
  • Year 8 – Brian Lau Yong Sheng
  • Year 9W – Isabelle Hii Hung Ching
  • Year 9I – Toh Bock Zien
  • Year 10W – Grace Tang Shi En
  • Year 11W - Christine Hii Yan Ting
  • Year 10I - Kathleen Tang Yin Tong
  • Year 11I - Jason Ting Zhi Cheng

Our Core Value for March will be Creativity. We will be encouraging each student to: -

  • Think for themselves
  • Use their imagination to find solutions to problems
  • Not copy other peoples’ ideas

Important Dates for Your Diary

Friday 1st March – 11.20am Watoto Choir concert hosted at Woodlands

Wednesday 6th March - 8am – 9.30am – Woodlands hosts Sibu Wellness Centre first parental workshops

Friday 8th March - 11am– Early Years’ Parent Workshop

Friday 15th March – 1pm – A Level Taster Day

Monday 21st – 29th March – Term One vacation

Monday 1st April – 1st day of Term Two, 1st Intake of IELTS course

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