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From The Principal’s Office – April 2019
Dear WInS Community

Sports’ Day 2019

We certainly had an eventful Sports’ Day this year.

We held our track events on Friday 12th April at the Tun Zaidi stadium, including shot putt, tennis ball throwing and long jump for our Primary and Secondary students. We were delighted that our Early Years’ friends joined us for their excursion as part of their IEYC / IPC Programmes of Study.

All our Primary and Secondary students warming up with the help of Ms Karlenn and our Dance Club
Our Primary tennis ball throwing competition
Secondary girls’ long jump competition
Secondary shot putt
Medals galore!

The weather was very hot, and I was pleased that we were able to complete all the events by 11am.

We were honoured to welcome our VIPs for the day – Datuk Tiong Thai King and Capitan Connie Loh from our Board of Directors and Ms Judy Wong, our Chair of the Board of Governors for our track events on Saturday 13th April.

Official Opening of Sports’ Day 2019
Another warm-up workout
Upper Primary students get ready for the start!

The weather was much cooler, but we did have sporadic showers early on. By 10.30 the weather had considerably worsened, and we were left with no option but to call off the rest of the events. The remainder of the events will be held at the school compound.

For Early Years – 3rd May on campus.

For Primary and Secondary – Tuesday 21st May at the stadium. Roll call will be at 6.45am and we should complete the rest of the races by 11.15am.

Many thanks to all the parents who showed up to support their child / children.

I would like to take the opportunity to once again thank all the Woodlands staff for their invaluable input. Special thanks again to Mr Ting for co-ordinating the project, working closely with Ms Shirly (Early Years) and Ms Lau (Secondary).

Other Sporting Achievements

The Malaysian Schools’ Sports Council (MSSM) have been hosting competitions nationally throughout March, and WInS were proud to have two of our students selected to these competitions.

Both students who were selected to attend proudly won medals in their age divisions.

Congratulations to Eden Toh who won a bronze medal for Under 15 swimming (100 metres butterfly) and Caleb Lau who won the silver medal in the Under 18 squash tournament. We are very proud of your achievements.

Congratulations to our high-achieving sports stars!

Tae Kwan Do

Well done to our Secondary Tae Kwan Do team that participated in the 7th National School Level East Malaysia Zone, Taekwondo Open Championship which was held at the Catholic High School between 12 – 14th April. All nine of our representatives have made excellent progress and performed well in their various categories.

Special congratulations go to our medallists that included Esther Yong (bronze in fin weight), Yvonne Tie (silver in light middle weight), Nelson Yii (bronze in light middle weight) Chang Sheng (silver in middle weight) and Keith Wong (gold in heavy weight) in sparring.

Further gold medals were accumulated in the team events – Esther Yong, Shan Ni and Yvonne Tie.

Well done to you all and many thanks to our Tae Kwon Do instructor Mr PK.

Inter House Competitions in Secondary

Many thanks to the Secondary teachers for organising our Term One Inter-House competitions. The students enjoyed both the badminton competitions and Tug of War events across the term. A special thanks to Ms Lau for her assistance.

2019 badminton Inter-house results:

Women’s Singles
Lower SecondaryUpper Secondary
ChampionLing Jun Nee (Mulu)Serena Tang (Rejang)
1st runner upEydie Wong (Mulu)Ling Bei En (Rejang)
2nd runner upTing Shan Ni (Kinabalu)Chanell Kiing (Kinabalu)
3rd runner up Grace (Rejang)Amanda Yii (Rainforest)

Men’s Singles
Lower SecondaryUpper Secondary
ChampionEnson Nee (Rainforest)Dalton Law (Kinabalu)
1st runner upEthan Ling (Kinabalu)Caleb Lau (Rainforest)
2nd runner upNelson Yii (Kinabalu)Hanson Law (Kinabalu)
3rd runner up Eric Teo (Rainforest)Daniel Lau (Mulu)

Women’s Doubles
Lower SecondaryUpper Secondary
ChampionMoh Sheau Jun, Ling Jun Nee (Mulu)Annie Wong, Serena Tang (Rejang)
1st runner upSeason Sing, Felicia Sii (Kinabalu)Lim Ching Ying, Ling Bei En (Rejang)
2nd runner upGrace, Sharlene Lau (Rejang)Amanda Yii, Beatrice Ngui (Rainforest)
3rd runner up Leanne, Eydie Wong (Mulu)Celine Toh, Deepti (Rainforest)

Men’s Doubles
Lower SecondaryUpper Secondary
ChampionJustin Chua, Luiz Huong (Mulu)Dalton, Simon (Kinabalu)
1st runner upTan Yan Quan, Solomon Yong (Rejang)Felix Yong, Jed Lee (Mulu)
2nd runner upToby Tie, Ethan Ling (Kinabalu)Daniel Hii, Ben Hii (Rainforest)
3rd runner up Eric Teo, John Law (Rainforest)Moh Heng Wei, Sylvester (Kinabalu)

Total score for badminton competition

Term one score (tug of war + badminton)

Book Week 2019

Many thanks to all our teachers who actively participated in our annual Book Week celebrations between Monday 22nd – Friday 26th April.

Swat the Word game – Ms Joy and Ms Zoey lead the Primary students

We have utilised Book Week as a celebration of literature in all languages, whether English, BM or Chinese, endeavouring to promote a genuine love of books.

Collaborative Learners
Many thanks to Ms Akber Ali for coming in to classes to share stories with our little ones

Students in Secondary undertook many different activities for Book Week. In English Club, students created a Big Book which they illustrated themselves. This will be donated to the Early Years Department.

Students hard at work on the Big Book
Ms Karlenn with the finished book

Year 7 students wrote book reports, analysed a class novel (with wonderful drawings), and even wrote heartfelt poems to their mother.

In Year 9, students wrote new versions of a classic fairy tale, and designed a cover for their story.

Can you guess which fairy tale they wrote about?

The Early Years and Primary students and staff thoroughly enjoyed our Book Character Parade on Friday 26th April.

Special thanks to Ms Catherine (Early Years), Ms Joy (Primary) and Ms Fiona (Secondary) for compiling stimulating activities across the week with the support of all the Literacy teams and other teachers and assistants in the respective divisions.

Study Skills

Many thanks to Mr Albert who led a Study Skills workshop for all Secondary students on Friday 26th April. As exams and tests are fast approaching- this should be very useful.

Celebrating our Core Values

Many thanks to our Secondary students for utilizing our Core Values, then designing and creating these wonderful posters.

In small groups in their classes, students collaboratively worked on designs to promote our core values visually. The designs were interesting and varied. Students, teachers and administrators were set as judges, and the marking was very close. Our three winning posters were as follows:

3rd Prize awarded to Sia Yi Zhen, 10I
2nd prize winner, Y7, Eydie Wong, Benjamin Tan, Sharon Tang, April Yii, Ngu Yue Chen
Winning design went to 9W, Luiz Huong and Claudia Chua

The posters were displayed in our foyer for much of April and they look stunning. Many thanks to Ms Loh for organising the competition.

A further multi-media competition for promoting our Core Values 2019 will begin shortly.

Social Media Workshop

On Thursday 11th April Woodlands welcomed Ms Hannah Reek from City College, Plymouth UK who came to deliver a workshop to our Year 11 students about Social Media and the role it plays in business communities.

The workshop was very informative and gave our students a deeper understanding of the implications.

Many thanks to our Student Liaison Officer Ms Loh for organising this event.

Student Leaders’ Induction

At our Whole School Assembly on the 5th April we all enjoyed the Induction ceremony of our Woodlands’ Student Leaders.

Our Year 11 student representatives were thanked for their sterling work. Now they need to focus on their upcoming Cambridge IGCSE examinations and they ceremonially passed their ties and waistcoats to our new batch of Student Leaders.

Our Year 11 student leaders were: - Christine Hii Yan Ting, Celine Toh Ghii Ran, Daniel Lau Hui Kuen, Lau Lee Giek and Wong Chang Sheng.

Our new student leaders are: - Brian Lau Yong Sheng, Felicia Sii, Geolyn Ting Qian Huey, Marcus Nee Sheng Ping and Melody Sii Yee

Many thanks for the support and guidance given to them from Mr Louis and Ms Evlyn.

Further and Higher Education Courses in New Zealand

On Tuesday 16th April, we had a visit from Ms Josephine Chew who came to Woodlands to speak to our Years 10 and 11 students about learning opportunities available in New Zealand on completion of IGCSEs.

Ms Chew talked about the various courses available and the grades the students will require for entry.

We hope this gave our Upper Secondary students further ideas and aspirations on completion of studies at Woodlands.

Many thanks to Ms Loh, our Student Liaison Officer for organising this opportunity for our students.

Name Tag Reminders

I would like to remind parents to ensure that your child has their name tags on both school shirts / dresses as well as their PE shirts. Please contact our School Office should you require additional name tags.

Core Values

Our Core Value for March was Creativity. We were encouraging each student to:

  • Think for themselves
  • Use their imagination to find solutions to problems
  • Not copy other peoples’ ideas

Congratulations to all those students that have exemplified this value in each class:

Year 1 – Jayden Kiew Kai Khiing, Year 2 – Ting Zu Yii, Year 3W – Anand Lau Hieng Hao, Year 3I – Kayla Shayenne Kang, Year 4 – Joel Ling Zhe Xuan, Year 5 – Laeticia Tay Li Yin, Year 6 – Avi Bajaj, Year 7 – Brooklyn Japheth Law King Ren, Year 8 – Felicia Sii, Year 9W – Tiffany Law Yeong Sing, Year 9I – Leanne Lau En Xi, Year 10W – Annie Wong Yun Xuan, Year 11W – Hii Jing Ling, Year 11I – Beatrice Nguoi Yee Luan

Our creative Primary students
Our creative Secondary students

Our Core Value for April was Tolerance. We encouraged students to:

  • Show respect to other people
  • Be open to other people’s ideas, beliefs and opinions
  • Accept that their ideas, beliefs and opinions are not always shared by others

Year 1 – Kimberly Ting Ying Tin, Year 2 – Kyra Ting Yun Ru, Year 3I – Esther Tiong Zhi Yao, Year 4 – Angela Ting Ying Zhen, Year 5 – Sim Tet Hien, Year 6 – Sophie Tang Jia Yu, Year 7 – Ting Shan Ni, Year 8 – Marcus Nee Sheng Ping, Year 9W – Chong Cheng En, Year 9I – Daniel Hii, Year 10W – Deepti Nagori, Year 10I – Samuel Ting Tai Jun, Year 11W – Elaine Sia Yee Cheng, Year 11I – Amanda Yii Ming Xuan

Our Core Value in May will be Gratefullness. We will be encouraging your child to:

  • Show their teachers and parents that they appreciate them
  • Write “Thank You” notes
  • Be happy and content in what they have

Important Dates for Your Diary

Wednesday 1st May – Labour Day – National holiday (no school)

Friday 3rd May – Early Years Sports’ Day revisited – on campus

Friday 10th May – Parents’ Day in EY – all parents are invited to attend

Sunday 19th and Monday 20th May – Wesak – National holidays (no school)

Tuesday 21st May – Primary and Secondary Sports’ Day revisited – at the stadium for 6.45am roll call. Events will be finished by 11.15am

Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th May – Parent / Teacher / Student conferences in Early Years, Primary and Secondary

School will end at 12pm on Friday 24th May for Term 2 break

School reopens on Tuesday 11th June

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